About One City Market

One City Market is a Sacramento-based economic development firm that provides niche e-commerce platforms for local retail communities. 

We create and manage marketplaces sponsored by community-focused organizations. These sponsored marketplaces then become a source for aligned local retailers, and member businesses to gain free access while weaving them into a larger, community-building narrative.

Shop local.

Our mission is to bring together and develop local business communities with niche e-commerce opportunities.

Become a Community Partner

For our Community Partners (Sponsors), we offer a unique platform to make economic development central to their own brand stories while providing an invaluable benefit to small business members.

Become a Retail Partner

For our Retail Partners, we remove the cost, time, administrative and logistical barriers to creating their own digital shopping experiences.

Additionally, by aligning them with other sponsored businesses that share similar community-focused stories, businesses can reach broader audiences, gain valuable product performance data and benefit from additional marketing resources they might not otherwise have access to.

Our Team

Christian Bruce

Chief Executive Officer 

& Chairman of the Board


Kenneth Weddle

Chief Financial Officer

& Secretary of the Board 


Gordon Fowler

Advisory Board Chair